Kevin Murphy SUPER.GOO

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A water-soluble styling gel with a rubbery texture that gives a natural finish and a firm hold to keep hair in place all day. Contains extracts of nettle, antioxidant green tea and bamboo for added elasticity and bounce.

Directions for use: Apply to damp or dry hair before styling as usual.

Ingredients: Extracts of nettle, green tea and bamboo.

7 customer reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 30 customer reviews
This product is amazing and have used this for the past two years. The best thing is that you can restyle your hair throughout the day!
Super Goo so good improve my colour. Thank you. Very happy, smart product!!!
Kevin Murphy Super Goo is the answer for its versatility and hold. Great for the modern Pompadour look from the classic, to the extreme and dishevelled. It also provides a great level of thickness and finish. Not much is needed to get the job done. Product is easy to wash out but has easily taken over my love of Night Rider without question for my current look. The product is sticky so the key is to work with it quick and finish off with a hair dryer if you don't want your hair to look too wet. I checked out Kevin Murphy's demo of the product on YouTube provides the best way to use this marvel.
Would not purchase this product again extremely messy to use and definitely not worth the money leaves your hair extremely greasy feel
Absolute overpriced rubbish... does nothing. You better off mixing some sugar in water, even that will give you more hold. I'd like my money back please. Oh and Gritty Business!! I've been put off buying your products for months again now... Will try something else.