Kevin Murphy FRESH.HAIR

FRESH.HAIR is a dry cleaner for your hair that gives body and texture, removes odors, excess oil, and all your sins from the night before.

This product will freshen up your hair after an international flight or gym workout. Suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair.

Please Note: This product now comes in a larger, aerosol can instead of the previous pump spray bottle.

Ingredients: Hedera Helix (Ivy) Leaf/Stem Extract
A natural source of Vitamin C,
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Directions for use: Shake well and spray evenly and lightly onto dry hair and rub or brush through.

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15 customer reviews about Kevin Murphy FRESH.HAIR
When away it is invaluable.Does''nt leave a trace of powder as other products do.
Sandra from Glos
This product is ideal to use I between washes. I also used it when in hospital, it brings some shine and life back into your hair.
Marion from Oxon
Really like the product but there is a problem with the can, as contents gone after 2 uses.
Amanda from Haywards Heath
Product is wetter than I expected it would be, but definitely gets rid of the ravages of a smoky night out!
Victoria - Beds
Perfect for holidays!!!
Jenny from Welling
nice product, i like it.
My secret little helper.
Natalia from Surrey
Having very dark, medium length hair, conventional dry shampoos leave me looking "dusty". This gorgeously-scented product will pep up your hair nicely if you haven't got time (or inclination) to wash it.
Great after a long day, quick and easy to use.
faye - West Yorkshire
Exactly what to get the car fumes out of my hair after cycling to work
Gemma - Salford
Can't live without this product - a great 'pick-me-up' for the hair; gorgeous scent - perfection in a spray bottle.
Jennifer - Cornwall
Katherine from Colchester
Simone from Benmore
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