Kevin Murphy COLOR.BUG

Color Bug is wipe on, wipe off colour. It’s just for fun and just for the one night.

It is advised that the Session.Spray is used as a barrier before the colour is applied; the Maxi.Wash will also help break down the colour if needed.

Directions for use: With a towel draped around your shoulders to protect your clothes, apply a hair product and then the Color Bug to make it stick. The Color Bug adds body to hair, you can keep this raw texture or add a fine mist of hairspray to lock in the colour.

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Pink 5g £14.00
Purple 5g £14.00  £7.00
Orange 5g £14.00
White 5g £14.00
Neon £14.00  £7.00
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53 customer reviews about Kevin Murphy COLOR.BUG
Work quite well on dark hair
Suzi from London
Was surprised how easy this was to use. I have bleached blond hair so was worried it may stain but it washed out leaving no trace. Will definitely buy the other colours.
Amy from Cardiff
Very good.
Suzi from London
This product did not work for me at all, I have brown hair and after about half an hour the colour was really nice but in 20 minutes it had more less disappeared and had transferred on to my clothes instead.
this is so cool - and easy to use. both me and my hairdresser wondered if it would leave traces as my hair is dry - but it washed out brilliantly.
sarah from Attleborough
This is great! I have bleach blonde hair and put a leave in conditioner and the pink can be as bright and bold or as pale as I like! Fab :)
This is a pretty awesome lil thing. It even shows up a bit on dark hair. Although it does come off super easy, like on clothes and my neck was pink for a bit.
Selena from Kent
The product is useless! A waste of money. There is hardly any product in the bug. The picture is deceiving and makes it look like the whole thing is filled with colour when it''s only a thin layer.

I tried this out for a festival and within a matter of hours the colour had all gone from my hair. I put serium on first to make the colour stick then I hair sprayed it to make it stay. It didn''t work.
The colour is not as bright as I was expecting but it stays in the hair well and washes out easily.
Realy good colour my hair is auburn and it covered realy well does come off a bit through the day i wouldnt wear white if uve long hair realy pleased with it
Lisa from Scunthorpe
really good, i will buy pink color next time
JIN from London
Quite good
Suzi from London
Quite disappointed I had to use the whole thing in one go and t didn''t even stick it just stuck to all my clothes and left my hair the same colour. Very disappointed as it was £13
jessica from Romford
only lasts on hair very briefly before disappearing, too expensive for that!
Bonnie from Belfast
Maybe I applied the hair make up in a bit of a rush but I found that even after the colour being in my hair for a number of hours it was still rubbing off leaving the collar of my shirt a shade of purple, I was also dis-heatrened to see that the chalk seems to erode away swiftly already exposing the metal underneath which after one use suggests to me that my colour bug won't last me very long at all. However as I was recommended these by my hairdresser I will stick with it and see if I can get some good results...
Holly from Bedfordshire
Lovely deep colour easy to apply a little goes a long way
Lisa from Scunthorpe
Love the colour and have had loads of compliments! Worried it would stain hair as have over processed, blonde hair but it completely washed out.
Looks great on dark hair. Just enough for a night out. Thanks for this fab product
Amanda from Havant
Just the stuff I have been Looking for for ages. Sometimes u need a bit of colour without the commitment in your hair and all of the Color Bug range do just that. Great for light coloured hair and I for one would like to see additional metallic shimmers for dark hair. Maybe Gold,silver,Platinum,rose gold and fiery red to the range?
amandajane from Hampshire
I was nice and delivered on time :D
Pinrat from London
I bought 2 of these in orange and pink for my 10 year old daughter for her birthday party, I was really impressed with the speedy delivery. These are great for children and people who want a safe, short term colour. Easy to apply, the colour actually only lasted a few hours on my daughter's hair and it did come off on her light coloured top, it has washed out no problem though. These might not be so good if you are looking for something a bit longer lasting over a whole night out.The only reason I didn't give full five stars is that it doesn't last very long in the hair, and it's quite expensive for what it is.
Joanne from Scotland
I absolutely LOVE this product its perfect <3 Thank you xxx
Kelly from Wirral
Great product gives great colour and washes out as if never been there and best of all no damage to your hair
Samantha from Bristol
Great product but it wasn't hugely bright on my brown hair so I'm going to order the orange too and hope that stands out more!
Ellise from Canvey Island
Good product, but not so bright on dark hair :( I should have realised really tho!!!! Fab idea tho!! Xxx
Gemma from Brough
Good product but didn''t realise it was so small.
Rachael from Chesterfield
First seen at the hairdressers and my daughter was so excited to have colour in her hair, this product is so easy to use gives great colour and washes out as if it was never there on a Monday morning for school. Excellant product would recommend to anyone.
Samantha from Bristol
Lydia from Fareham
Fantastic product
Fab colour and really easy to use
Amanda from Havant
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