Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH

A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken hair. Aloe, Milk Proteins and Olive Esters gently protect the hair in a low foam formulation. Designed to cleanse without stripping your hair. Angelica Root extract and essential oil of Grapefruit gently cleanse stressed out hair and controls frizz on fine, dry hair. Kylie Minogue loves the combination ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE and MOTION.LOTION.

Apply Angel Wash to wet hair and massage into the hair and scalp, rinse and repeat if needed.

Ingredients: Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil
Helps to relieve stress and is upl
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112 customer reviews about Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH
Works wonders for thin curly hair
Gennifer from Hastings
Won't use anything else!
karen from Warwickshire
Very gentle shampoo and has been very useful for my hair after swimming.
Linda - West Yorkshire
This wash smells wonderful, your hair feels squeeky clean.
Linda from Lancashire
This was for me and is great!
This shampoo is the best salon shampoo i have ever used! it leaves hair clean and soft, shiny and with volume. it also does not irritate my sensitive scalp. I highly recommend this shampoo for colour treated hair and also for natural hair that is fine and dry or hair that is in need of tlc after the leaves dry devitalised hair soft and full of body.
catherine - London
This shampoo is absolutely perfect for my hair. In the past I have had to change my shampoo and conditioner as my hair becomes used to it. This doesn’t seem to happen with my Angel Wash.
This is possibly the best shampoo I have ever used. Its kind to my scalp and makes my hair look and smell amazing!
This is a brilliant Shampoo, dont need a lot and my hair stays clean for longer, I have fine hair and this Shampoo makes my hair look so thick its amazing. I use it with the Angel Rinse.
Mandy from Hampshire
There is no other shampoo like this…… I cannot do without it now.
The best shampoo I've ever have. Leaves beautiful weightless hair.
Jana from Varese
Smells sooo good, has a nice lather and cleans hair very well, without stripping.Definitely looking into , more products from kevin murphy range.
Ashden from Norfolk
Smells beautiful, and keeps my colour looking great.
Really great product! Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling nice and soft but manageable. I use with Angel Rinse.
Mandy from North Yorkshire
Really good.
Trine - Hordaland
Perfect for my hair type!
Susanne - Denmark
Once a week I use this and love it.
Clare from East Sussex
My hairdresser recommended this shampoo and it has been great while I have been trying to grow my hair, I also use the conidtioner to go with it.
my hair feels wonderfully light and easy to mamnage, the smell is great and hair feels so much fuller after using this product.
hazel from Coulsdon
mmmmmm, I used to be addicted to Bed Head shampoo but since discovering this Bed Head has been fully disregarded, I don't even need to wash my hair twice for it to feel clean, and it smells so good all day! But don't be fooled by it's tiny exterior, it's a hard worker so you only need a little bit, I'v e had mine for about two months now and there's still a tonne left and I wash my hair every other day and don't use it sparingly!
Kate - London
Luxury produce with great results. Love it.
Rose from Staffordshire
Lovely product - I only need to wash my hair once a week now.
Sara from Lancashire
Lovely product - a repeat item for me.
Lovely fragrance, leaves hair feeling very clean.
Suzanne - London
Love this with the Angel Rinse
Kirsten from Milton Keynes
Love this shampoo, really cleans hair properly. Highly recommend
Love this shampoo which was recommended by my stylist it did excactly what it says on the bottle so I bought the largest pump bottle and saved money and gained points so I am a happy bunny thank you kevin murphy haircare .x
sonya from Liverpool
love it!!
Susanne - Denmark
Love Angel Wash - leaves my hair really clean without feeling built up.
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